The History of the Market

In the beginning....

Crouch Merc c.1940

Greg Simione and Gerold Dennett are the owners and founders of the Garden Valley Market. They moved to Garden Valley in 1995 for the wonderful lifestyle and many recreational opportunities. With the encouragement and support of friends, they purchased the The Crouch Merc and slowly expanded the Merc into a local market known for variety and quality. That experience allowed G&G to learn more about the community and build a program of giving back through sponsorships, donations and participation. They recognized that in order to provide a genuine quality service, they needed a larger space more accommodating to customers and employees. Both G&G recognize in order to help the local economy, we need to start in our own backyard and allow our spent dollars to remain in Boise County and Garden Valley. With the support of their customers and again, friends and residents, the new project was begun and completed in June, 2011.

The new market represents the best of the Valley with local craftsman designing the stained floors, the stone fireplace and exterior, the mural signs on the wall, as well as local producers selling salsa, lavender products, elk meat, eggs, poultry, firewood and more. Just as the old Merc was a central hub in the Village of Crouch, the new Market is also a center for bringing quality foods and people together to shop and relax in the retail heart of the Valley. The Garden Valley Market is a place for quality, convenience, competitive pricing, and good ole fashioned customer service. Its what a small community should be about and its what we strive to maintain. Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to your next visit!

Old Crouch Merc

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